LA County has the largest population of any county in the nation, and is an influential leader in establishing environmental initiatives to protect, conserve, and sustain our natural resources. We accomplish this through setting the example and a commitment to sustainability. LA County, Councils of Governments (COGs) and individual Cities partner together to influence legislation, environmental policy, ordinances and programs to help our constituents and community become more energy efficient, environmentally conscious and sustainable.

The Energy and Environmental Service (EES) is building this section of our website to provide references and resources that other County departments and our local government partners are likely to find useful in their efforts to “green” their facilities and internal operations. The County has been engaged in efforts to improve the efficiency of our facilities for many years through:

  • Retrofitting HVAC equipment and controls
  • Retro-commissioning building HVAC systems
  • Installing energy-efficient lighting and controls
  • Installing water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting on energy and water usage with the Enterprise Energy Management Information System (EEMIS)

EES has also been engaged for some time now in efforts to offer the benefits of the EEMIS program to other cities and local government entities, at greatly reduced costs through economy of scale. Other programs and services will also be available in the near future through Regional Energy Networks, which EES is developing with funding from the California Public Utilities Commission.

It is part of the EES mission to assist our government partners with resources and tools to aid in efforts to improve the efficiency of their buildings and internal operations.

Please explore this portion of our website to search for what you might need or at least a reference or link to get you there. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us for assistance.

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