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Los Angeles Community Choice Energy (LACCE) is the interim name for a regional Community Choice Aggregation program in Los Angeles County.  Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows local governments to purchase and sell electricity to customers in their jurisdictions as an alternative to traditional investor owned utility (IOU) power procurement.

This website seeks to inform elected officials, local government representatives, and a broad array of stakeholders in Los Angeles County of the County's efforts to determine the feasibility of forming a regional CCA.

About the LACCE Feasibility Study

The County of Los Angeles, at the direction of the Board of Supervisors, initiated a technical feasibility study to determine if the County can meet the electricity load requirements for 82 eligible cities and County unincorporated areas with rates that are competitive with the local IOU, Southern California Edison. This feasibility study culminated in a Business Plan. This Business Plan concluded that the formation of a CCA in Los Angeles County is financially feasible and would yield considerable benefits for all participating County residents and businesses.   For more information, please view the Business Plan on the Key Documents page.

Peer Review Study

ISD is making available a Peer Review study of the technical portions of the LACCE Business Plan.  This study, commissioned by the County, was conducted by an independent, technical consulting company - ARC Alternatives.

The analyses conducted by ARC Alternatives affirm the validity of the methodologies and assumptions used in the Business Plan to determine LACCE rates compared against SCE rates. For more information, please view the Peer Review Study on the Key Documents page.


 LACCE Can Support Local Government Goals

Perhaps the greatest benefit of CCA to local governments is the economic vitality it can bring to the community, and the region as a whole.  Benefits to the local community include:

  • Local control over energy mix - meet or exceed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
  • Create quality jobs and local, renewable generation assets
  • Meet or exceed Climate Action Plan goals
  • Invest in local energy programs - integrated demand side management
  • Provide rate stability - lower costs for homeowners and businesses
  • Consumer choice - competition for lower rates and options for cleaner energy

Participate in the LACCE Task Force

The County of Los Angeles CCA team has formed a Task Force made up of municipal, labor, and industry stakeholders to help guide development and governance of a regional CCA.  Please join us for our next CCA Task Force meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCA?

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), authorized in California under AB 117 (2002) and SB 790 (2011), allows local governments, including counties and cities, to purchase electricity in the wholesale power market and sell it to their residents and businesses at competitive rates as an alternative to electricity provided by an investor owned utility (IOU).

What is the difference between CCA and a municipal/local utility?

CCA is not a municipal utility, as the IOU will continue to provide transmission and distribution services, power line maintenance, and even customer billing services. The goal of a CCA is to offer the local public more choices about where their energy comes from. Municipal utilities are already considered to be public power entities without establishing a CCA.


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