2012 Press Releases

ISD has been actively working with the utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to continue successful, ARRA-originated programs.  On November 8, 2012 the CPUC issued its final Decision Approving 2013-2014 Energy Efficiency Programs and Budgets.  In the Decision, funding was approved for Los Angeles County to continue its role in a variety of programs including:  Flex Path, EUCLA marketing and outreach, workforce development and financing. ISD will seek Board approval to accept the funds in the near future.  COS looks forward to continuing these programs through 2014.

CPUC Approves Energy Efficiency Plans and Leverages Local Governments to Ensure Consumer Benefits

Energy Upgrade California in LA County Announces End of Matching Incentives for Home Retrofits

Energy Upgrade California in LA County Celebrates Completion of its Whole-House Incentive Program.

New Era for Energy Upgrade California

SoCalGas to Increase Energy Upgrade California Incentives to L.A. County Customers

County Presents Fourth Annual Green Leadership Awards


2011 Press Releases

Energy Upgrade California in LA County Offers Thousands of Dollars in Summer Bonus Incentives for Home Energy Efficiency

Energy Upgrade California Conference to Help Advance Local Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofit Industry


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