Los Angeles County Policy P-1050, Purchase of Environmentally Preferable Products, established objectives for the purchase of products that would:

• Conserve natural resources;

• Minimize environmental impacts such as pollution and use of water and energy;

• Eliminate or reduce toxics that create hazards to workers and our community;

• Support strong recycling markets;

• Reduce materials that are put into landfills;

Under this Purchasing Policy, the County’s developed a 5-year plan to phase-in categories of certified goods. Easy to adopt purchasing categories (e.g., paper, cleaning supplies) were implemented and a pricing advantage for green products is in place.

The Internal Services Department Contracting Division conducts solicitations, manages resulting contracts,qualifies vendors for Master Agreements, and manage work order resulting from the Master Agreements.  If you are a vendor or provider of environmentally preferable products, please contact our Purchasing and Contract Services Department at (323)267-2109.

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