Countywide Solar Mapping Portal

The decision to install a solar energy system involves complex factors such as: the solar electricity potential (based on geography and building characteristics), installation costs, availability of rebates, estimated energy savings, identifying reputable installation contractors, performing return on investment (ROI) calculations, and who to contact to get started.

The County has created a countywide solar map which may be accessed at: The Solar Map combines data from aerial imagery with solar energy measuring software to calculate energy savings from solar projects installed on building rooftops. This easy to use tool helps residents, business owners, municipal facility managers and contractors quickly and easily determine the rooftop solar potential for properties countywide. It also produces a visual report that shows where to place solar panels on the roof for maximum effectiveness, and provides project payback periods, cost per kilowatt hours and more. The Solar Map is an important part of making the process of “going solar” achievable and effective.

Solar power is a proven technology for meeting our energy needs while reducing our carbon footprint. California’s passage of SB1, the “California Solar Initiative” will ensure solar power’s prominence in the state by providing rebates for the installation of solar systems, and streamlining the building permit process. The County has set a goal to offset 10% of its electricity needs with solar before 2020.

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