County Renewable Energy Program

On January 13, 2009, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors requested an action plan for developing a Comprehensive Renewable Energy Program. To view the response to the Board motion go to:

Renewable Energy Program: Response to Board, January 13, 2009. 

Over the last decade, LA County has developed multiple programs to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. Continuing and strengthening these efforts will ensure the County meets and exceeds its emissions reduction target: To offset 10% of its projected electricity usage in 2020 with renewable energy.

The County is committed to increasing the use of on-site renewable energy to power its buildings and facilities. This would be in addition to using large scale renewable power provided through the major energy providers such as Southern California Edison, and will consist of primarily small to medium sized rooftop or ground installations of solar photovoltaic (PV). Through the solar energy bond, the County has already committed to nine rooftop solar projects on County buildings totaling over 9,680 megawatt-hours of power, approximately 1.5% of all electricity required by the County per year. The County is exploring options for additional solar installations as well as the feasibility of other renewable power sources such as wind or geothermal. The increased use of renewable energy by County buildings is expected to save 23,507 MT CO2e of GHG emissions 2020*.


* Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalents, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions


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