Energy Management Division

Since the mid-1990’s, on behalf of nearly all County departments, ISD’s Energy Management Division (EMD) has provided centralized services including utilities support, purchase of commodities, energy expertise, and implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Since its inception, EMD has implemented energy efficiency projects in County facilities that have resulted in over $110 million in cumulative energy savings. On an annual basis, those saving currently offset about 10% of the total utilities budget for County facilities. In terms of carbon mitigation, the cumulative energy reduction due to these projects is equivalent to:

      • 800 million pounds of CO2 mitigated
      • 10,000 cars taken off the road
      • 15,000 acres of trees planted

Most of the energy savings achieved by ISD to date have been through retrofitting or replacing building lighting systems and air conditioning equipment. Beginning in 2004, ISD initiated its facility retrocommissioning (RCx) program which seeks to “tune-up” heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and systems in County buildings. In a typical office building, lighting accounts for about 40% of electricity use. RCx addresses a large part of the remaining electricity use and nearly all of the natural gas use in the building.

Below is a summary table, showing cumulative total figures for the different types of efficiency projects that have been implemented over the past several years. 

Type of Project

# of Projects

Project Costs (millions)

Cumulative Savings (millions)

Lighting Retrofits




Lighting Controls




Heating/Air Conditioning Retrofits




Building Retrocommissioning








Additional information about Energy Savings can be found by clicking on the Reports/Dashboards link in the left navigation area of this page.


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