EEMIS Application

Enterprise Energy Management Information System (EEMIS)

Detailed information about facility energy consumption, including hourly energy profiles and energy consumption of individual building systems, are monitored on a regular basis through the County’s Enterprise Energy Management Information System (EEMIS).

EEMIS allows County facility managers and energy management staff to observe “real-time” energy consumption via the Internet. Currently about 150 of the County’s largest facilities are monitored by EEMIS. Monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly energy trends can be observed.

EEMIS also analyzes building energy consumption trends using utility bill information. Using this EEMIS tool, the long-term impacts of efficiency projects can be monitored.  Many of these services can also be provided to other Cities, so that they too can monitor their facilities.  Please contact Ron Mohr, (323) 881-3979 or to find out more about the energy efficiency and management services offered by ISD.


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